Innocence Holds Mamie

Mamie was a doll that belonged to Aunt Harriett. The doll was made before the Civil War. The piano went with the doll. All my cousins and myself cherished them both. I later grew to understand them. 

Once upon a time there was a great enormous huge and very big elephant who traveled with the circus. He just loved to dress up in all his splendid circus clothes. 

From my favorite book – The Big Elephant by Bryon Jackson. I am the Big Elephant. 

Sleeping with Jesus

He always had his favorite men with him. I was told he loves all men. I was repeatedly told to be like him. 

Billy, Carol and My Cowboy Self Wonder About the Crayfish in the Creek

We played in the creek in my front yard and caught the sneaky back crawling crustacean. 

Getting My First Full Grope at the ‘Y’ Pool

I was told I would not be permitted to wear my suit at the pool. My friend reached down and gave me a feel to test my no swimtrunkness. 

Having a Private Tea Party in the Basement

This was one place I would go to be by myself. 

Random Dancing to 101 Strings Soul of Spain

When I was alone at home I would put on the record and dance all around the living room with reckless abandon, jumping from chair to chair. 

I Wanted the Black Gown that Barbie Wore

I played with Carol and her Barbie’s. My fashion doll was not a Barbie. I always wondered how she would walk in this dress. I could feel it on my body.

In Search of the Tiger Swallowtail.My nextdoor neighbor made us butterfly nets and taught us how to sedate and mount the flying flowers. I journeyed the woods and fields with my net. 

I Wonder Who I will be Today

I had different clothes for different parts to play from cowboy to housewife, from etymologist to Indian. 

Swirling in Mother’s Petticoats

They her petticoats were in the dirty clothes hamper, I would pull them out, put them on, and swirl around. Such joy.

The Iris Garden at the Back of the Lot was my Responsibility

The fence kept us out of the mysterious neighbor’s yard. She went around the neighborhood shooting squirrels with her pistol. My iris bloomed in violets and blues.

I Never Knew When the Insertion was Going to Occur

It seems that whatever sickness came our way it could be solved with an enema. After leaning over the bathtub and feeling the warm solution come rushing in. The hardest part was holding it in till the explosion happened. 

Looking for a Sidekick at Lake Winnipesaukee

There was a vending machine at this amusement park that when you placed your coins in, the machine would give you a card of a movie star or a singing cowboy. They arrived randomly. I wanted Gene Autry in my pocket. 

Walking the Tightrope in the Neighborhood Circus

I was the most daring by this feat. 

I did get all eyes on me. I had great balance until I fell and knocked out my breath. That was my final tightrope performance. 

Having a Drink with the Guys from Bedrock

I spent many hours pretending with the little men from the Flintstones. Dino was my favorite pet. Santa gifted me the connections I made through the Flintstones play set. 

Making Doll Clothes with Meme

My grandmother taught me to sew by making doll clothes out of flour sacks.

My Best Friend, My Brother and Myself Played with Little Men in the Tree Roots

Most of our play was with our little men, horses, wagons and many adventure. 

My Summer Sparkle Jewelry was a Clover Necklace. 

My Best Friend Chooses My Younger Brother Over Me

I figured it was because my bother played sports better and I still wanted to play pretend and was not competitive. 

Creating Fashion in the Basement with Sheets 

I would experiment with how to wrap one’s self with sheets in a way of creating clothing. I had no problem entertaining myself. Since there was no mirror, I gauged the success on how the garment felt.

I Found Myself Oddly Attracted to the Skinny Kid

The advertisement had a man kicking sand in the face of a skinny kid and then taking away his girlfriend. The kid then takes a Charles Atlas class and gets muscles. I was most interested in the Skinny Kid and could care less about the muscles. This was when I 

realized I was queer. 

Finding a Strange Balloon on the Side of the Road

Why I would remember this I have no idea, I didn’t know anything about it at the time. I did take it home with me. 

Have You Ever Seen an Elephant with a Beatle Haircut? 

After the jock in the locker room gave me his big reveal, I considered my own hairless Chihuahua. I never took a shower in there again. 

Maturity Finally Arrives

A few hairs down there was a big leap for the hairless me. 

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