Cloud Images

These watery giants are messengers for what is to come. Their increase in mass and density is shown by the darkness they exhibit. I am drawn to images that show this darkness and occasionally allow the unobscured blue to appear. I am excited when challenged with nature I cannot control. When I survive the challenge of nature, it nourishes my humanness. No matter where I am, as long as I can see the sky I can experience the ever-changing natural world. I rejoice in a blue sky and am thrilled by a cloudy sky. I am in awe with watery gas as it morphs from one form to another. They are the ultimate shape-shifter. I wonder how I can change form to enable myself to move through the world sky. I imagine each line I draw as a visual molecule making up the total image. A bit of the white beyond seeps through and around the edges. 

The Parade Series

There are two series one parade going to the left is more political  and the one going to the right is more spiritualin nature. 

Ink on Paper 

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