Blue Heron Nature Preserve

Done in collaboration with Flora Rosefsky and Sylvia Cross 

Art of Nature 2019

Songs of Moving Waters

Art of Nature 2020

Gazing at Fungi

Here is a link to a youtube video about Gazing at Fungi: 

Decatur Arts Festival 2020 Fine Arts Exhibit

Here is the link to this exhibit: 

The Worm of Lambton

A toy theater production

Automata, a Kinetic Art Show 

What:Automata, a Kinetic Art Show

When: Opening August 2nd-

             During Unblurried- through September 6Th2013

Where: The Irma Freeman Center For Imagination

5006 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15224

 Who: John  “Mad man”, from Katy TX, Sylvia Cross and Randy Taylor, Zac Coffin, Atlanta, Ga., T.R. Reed and Jeannie Holland, Chattanooga Tn., Nick Romeo, Alberto Almarza, Katy DeMent, and Doug Hill, Pittsburgh, Pa a few surprises too!

 More What:  The kinetic energy of an object is the energy which it possesses due to its motion, it is activated by hand, or power( motorized, mechanical) In other words this art work moves 

 You are invited to interact with art works created by artist in a variety of medium from 5 states.

 And even More what:Interactive kinetic activity lead by Sylvia Cross Friday August 2. For all ages.  Free and open to the public.

 Link: for information about the artist and related workshops.

Musical guest:James Storch, for opening night

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